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Trademark Investigation
Trademark investigations typically fall into one of three buckets: trademark in-use investigations, trademark infringement investigations or counterfeit investigations.


We are able to investigate individuals behind the infringement (whether it is your company name, one of your registered/un-registered trademarks or domain names) and provide you with sufficient evidence to take the appropriate action.


We believe that the most important commodity is your brand. Intellectual property and trademark investigations is just one of the services we can offer to assist owners protect their brand.


If you have concerns about your brand, or would like Online Investigations to conduct an Intellectual Property investigation, contact us now for an obligation free consultation.


Our Intellectual Property Investigations include:


Counterfeit & Piracy Investigations:
  • Detection of Infringement
  • Identification of Threats
  • Undercover Penetration of Infringing Organizations
  • Surveillance of Infringing Individuals
  • Service of Cease-And-Desist Letters
  • Acquiring Voluntary Surrender of Counterfeit Materials

    Copyright & Patent Investigations:
  • Unauthorized Use of Copyright
  • Patent Misuse & Infringement
  • Industrial Design Misuse
  • Integrated Circuit Topography Design Misuse
  • Identification of Threats

    Trademark Investigations:
  • Detection of Infringement
  • Identification of Threats
  • Date of First Use Determination
  • Extent of Usage Determination

    Market Surveys & Monitoring:
  • Targeted Automated & Manual Searches of Online and Print Sales Portals
  • Ongoing & Persistent Monitoring
  • Compilation & Analysis of Aggregate Data

    Trademark registry publish Trademark the mark in Trademark Journal.
    Trademarks must be registered for a particular product or service. A single trademark application can be filed to register your product or service under more than one class but the fees for filing under each class increases every time in the same manner as you have filed a single application for trademark under one class.
    A registered trademark is an intellectual property, which can be sold, transferred, gifted, franchised, etc.
    Yes, a foreigner or a foreign entity can apply for trademark registration in India.
    No, Trademarks have to be registered in individual countries, depending on the legislation.
    Basic Documents include following:
  • Trademark Application.
  • Specifications of goods or service for which application is made.
  • Representation of mark in prescribed size and format.
  • Trademark registration is valid for 10 years. Therefore, it has to be renewed after each interval of 10-year.
    Copyright secures the work related literary, artistic, paintings, films, sounds etc. whereas Trademark secures a mark, word, logo of product or service.
    Any person can make application to register Trademark.
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